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Wealth building can be intimidating. We explore the basics and make it plain for all levels. Knowing basic finance fundamentals is the key for things like ending generational poverty and building wealth.

  • stocks and more for adults and teens

  • home ownership & real estate investing

  • credit building and restoration like a pro

  • life insurance for wealth

  • personal budgeting

  • last wills and testaments

  • new workshops added monthly...

  • Money Wise Program (Apply Here)





Join us for Free Workshop Wednesdays @6pm PST

If you had a money plan 10 years ago, but like lots of people, never put it to work, you’ve probably watched plenty of money opportunities pass right by you!


You hesitated to learn, or to buy... Then that house you wanted grew in value by 100% or more - you missed the boat! Or, you got nervous and didn’t buy the stock that ended up skyrocketing in value?

Well, good news… Today is that day 10 years from now. Today can be the day you make smart money moves to make your future self proud!

What’s your next move? Let’s connect!



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Credit Building and Restoration: Learn the game, build it/fix it and save thousands on large purchases.

Homeownership: Hear from Lenders and Realtors who understand both sides of the game - home buying and investing.

Stock Market: Get a piece of a fortune 500 company with only $5. Learn the fundamentals to start slow, but smart.

Life Insurance: One of the oldest and easiest ways to end generational poverty instantly.

Budgeting: Follow the money and then learn the right way to maximize. This is the cornerstone of wealth building

How Money Works: When you learn the system, the rules begin to work for you! Become a part-time investor instead of a full-time consumer.


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